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25 February 2007 @ 06:26 pm
Faq and Affiliations  

FAQ and Affiliation Info

What program do you use for your icons?
I use Photoshop CS with ImageReady.

How do you make the animated GIFs on Photoshop?
I don't know why but very few people know this: you can open AVI and MOV files on ImageReady and make the frame into icons!

Can I make a request?
Well.....er.....no.....well actually you can try by asking it in this post but I'll will only accept it if I like the idea or if I have a lot of free time.

Where do you get these pictures/brushes/textures/fonts?
Well there is a nifty font guide I made *wink* and for the other stuff just go to my community info.

Can I add this community to my friends list and/or join this community?
Well, of course you can! Just know that I'm the only one that can post entries here.

Where do you live/How old are you/Republican or Democrat?
O_O Way too personal.

Have a question that is not covered by th FAQ?
Well ask here and I'll reply ASAP ^_^!

Want to Affiliate?!
Well if you do, sorry, but this journal only affiliates with other graphic journals or communities.
If you are a graphic journal, just type that you want to Affiliate and we'll see!

How to credit properly:

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